Just My Luck Music Video

“Just My Luck” from the self titled album by Chris Ramsay & The Febs Band.

I shot this music video exclusively with a Canon 60D and two lenses (Canon 50mm 1f1.8 & Sigma 50mm f1.4).

I shot the footage on location at during 3 separate performances. The footage was then edited with the audio recorded in a studio.

The band played pretty much exactly the same tempo live as their studio version which made the editing process fun and easy.

The lead guitarist didn’t perform with the band during the live recordings however I was able to record footage of him playing at a jam night which I was able to sync nicely to the audio!

Mostly hand held shots, some tripod and some slider. Overall I’m really happy with the way things turned out. Music videos don’t have to be complex and expensive.

Great band and solid tune, I hope you enjoy!